Favorite Lists

Navigate our lists to discover our Top 5 in different categories of Romance Books:

Favorite Lists from Jenn:

Jenn's Top 5 Rockstar Romances

Jenn’s Top 5 Rockstar Romances

Jenn's Top 5 Forbidden-Love Reads

Jenn’s Top 5 Forbidden-Love Reads

Jenn's top 5 BDSM and Erotica

Jenn’s top 5 BDSM and Erotica

Jenn's Top 5 Athlete Boyfriends

Jenn’s Top 5 Athletes

Jenn's top 5 Billionaires

Jenn’s Top 5 Billionaires

Jenn's top 5 M.C. Books

Jenn’s Top 5 M.C. Books

Jenn's Top 5 Romantic Comedies

Jenn’s Top 5 Romantic Comedies

Jenn's Top 5 Suspense/Mystery/Thriller/Crime

Jenn’s Top 5 Suspense/Mystery/ Thriller/Crime

Jenn's Top 5 Miscellaneous

Jenn’s Top 5 Miscellaneous

Favorite Lists by Dottie:

Dottie's Top 5 Rockstar Romances

Dottie’s Top 5 Rockstar Romances

Dottie's Top 5 Forbidden-Love Reads

Dottie’s Top 5 Forbidden-Love Reads

Dottie's Top 5 BDSM & Erotica

Dottie’s Top 5 BDSM & Erotica

Dottie's Top 5 Athlete Boyfriends

Dottie’s Top 5 Athletes

Dottie's Top 5 Billionaires

Dottie’s Top 5 Billionaires

Dottie's Top 5 mc

Dottie’s Top 5 M.C. Books

dottie's top 5 romcoms

Dottie’s Top 5 Romantic Comedies

Dottie's Top 5 Suspense

Dottie’s Top 5 Suspense/Mystery/ Thriller/Crime

Dottie's miscellaneous

Dottie’s Top 5 Miscellaneous

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