The Year Thus Far… (2015) – Round 2

Year Thus Far with Co Host

The Year Thus Far… 2015

Round 2: Top 10. Vote for your favorites of 2015 so far.

You will be allowed only one vote so choose wisely! 🙂 The top 5 from this round will move on to round 3! Thank you for your passion and participation!


Male Author:

Female Author:

Debuting Author:

Book Cover:

Standalone Book:





Billionaire Romance:






Steamiest Sex Scenes:



Leading Female in a Book/Series:

Leading Male in Book/Series:


Female Book Model:

Male Book Model:

12 thoughts on “The Year Thus Far… (2015) – Round 2

  1. Kristen Rawlings says:

    This was fun…. I know you cant include everyone so this isnt meant as a critizism rather I just want to give a shout out to my book hero’s… I was surprised to not see Remy from Real by Katy Evans in the Fighter catagory and Amber to Ashes in the menage by Gail McHugh (Holy Hotness) Also Rylee Thomas from the Driven Series by K. Bromberg for Leading Female (flawless) Of course it would be too hard to list Best Alpha Male to many nominees but for sake of being loyal Im giving a shout out to the ultimate Alpha male Mr. Colton Donovan ❤ from the Driven Series. Good luck to everyone in the running. Cool to just be nominated.


    • Jenn Raunch says:

      Kristen- I totally agree with your book Heroes but there is a reason those books are not on the lists. This event is for only books that were publish in 2015 and none of those books were. It’s an event to see what’s been happening in romance this year. 🙂


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