About Jenn:

Hello and thank you for checking out my blog!!
I go by the pen name Jenn S. Raunch, and I am the Owner/Head Blogger here.

me me

I am a romance novel blogger, college student, coffee addict, book boyfriend fan girl, and dog lover!

I find my romance novel addiction a little strange because in real life I am not an overly romantic person. But with these books, I can’t get enough. Maybe I use up my romance fix with the books I read. Who knows?


 I read my first adult romance novel by accident. At the time I was a student and flat broke. On my kindle I stumbled across a free book and thought… “What the hell? I’ll read this for something to do.” I think I expected more of a Nicholas Sparks or just a PG sappy love story type thing. I began reading and when I got to my first sex scene my jaw dropped a little. I am not easily offended or uncomfortable with sex, but it just wasn’t what I expected. I had to go back and look at what I had bought, thinking…”Did this thing come with a disclaimer on it?!” Before then I had no idea about this genre of novels or all the indie writers involved with. I have always been a reader but since my raunch discovery my kindle has got a lot more use. The rest is history and now here I am!


About dottie:


Hi. Thanks for checking out the blog!
I’m the new kid of the block here and am here to help Jenn review some cool books! I go by the pen name of Dottie D’Amour but you can just call me Dottie!

I’m a voracious reader. I began my love affair (if you’ll please pardon the pun) with romance novels in college. I’d gotten a flat tire and while waiting for a repair, I wondered into the Target next door to find something to read to kill the time. I found a romance novel with a crazy low sale price, and being a poor college student, bought that one! It was an eye-opening experience to read it and I realized there was a whole new genre of books I had not yet discovered. It was a historical and so I started there and began reading that genre; then I realized one of my favorite authors also wrote contemporaries so I read those too (and I realized I preferred them). At one point, I needed ankle surgery so I began using an e-reader (since a trip to the bookstore was off the agenda for a while) and I realized how many more books were available on-line and whenever I finished my book, I could buy a new one on the spot! I was hooked! Then one day I was on Facebook and decided to check out the page one of my favorite authors. On her page, she referred to a blog so I clicked on the link and I was amazed! There was an entire community out there who loved to read the same books I do. That was when I began to read really good books often instead of by luck and it improved my reading experience exponentially! When Jenn said she needed someone to help her review books, I jumped at the chance to expand my reading experience in that way too. And here I am!

I’ve been a single mom for a dozen years and my kids are young adults now (although one has another year and a half of high school to go) and they both live at home out here in California (one daughter and one son). I also seem to collect “other” kids all over town who call me Mom, Mawm, and Mommie and it’s not at all unusual for one of them to show up to talk with me about life. I’m a dog-lover too and live with three of them; one large, one medium, and one small. Sometimes I get the impression this should be Goldilocks’ house, lol! Curling up with a good book and a good cup of tea makes me a happy girl! I’m not entirely sure I would call myself a romantic but I guess I have some romantic thoughts or these books wouldn’t appeal to me. I’m still waiting to find a guy who can make me believe….

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