Rane: A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance by Vivian Lux – Reviewed by Dottie



A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance

By Vivian Lux

Genres: Contemporary Romance / Romantic Comedy

Reviewed by Dottie



Everything was easy…until I met her.

If at first you don’t succeed, f*ck it and move the hell on. I’m Rane Wilder and I’m not one to hold on to sh*t. Life as the guitarist in the biggest band on the planet is fun. Which is good.

Because the second it stops being fun, I’m out.

Being in the music video with Madeline Cole, that was fun too. Sure, the band had misgivings. Maddie’s a crazy former child star who hit rock bottom hard, and is now trying to revitalize her career. She’s a fiery redhead with big blue eyes and a bad reputation, but her mom is dating my dad, so I thought I’d do her a favor by giving her the work.

That’s when things get difficult.

Because falling for Maddie is really easy. I can see the fire inside of her, and I love it that I’m the one who makes her burn.

But being with her? That’s hard as hell.

Especially when our parents announce their engagement.

I’ve fallen for a force of nature and she’s about to become my stepsister.

And for the first time in my life, I can’t move on.

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Dottie’s Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Review by Dottie

This was the first time I’d read any books by Vivian Lux; when she asked us to review her book, Rane: A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance for her (and Jenn asked me if I would like to have the honor), I said absolutely! Rockstar books are generally pretty yummy and this one sounded interesting. But, I can genuinely say I was surprised about how much I enjoyed it! I was expecting fun, which it was. But it was more than that. It was deeper and more interesting than I anticipated and which, by the time I finished reading it, led this book to landing squarely on my favorites “bookshelf!” Now I’m curious about the first in this series, Jax, because I want to read more!

This book, although the second in the series, is a stand-alone. There were characters I think were probably in the first book who made appearances in this one, but that really didn’t affect my understanding or enjoyment of this one at all!

Rane is a rockstar. He’s not the lead singer, that distinction goes to his younger brother Keir. But Rane is the “face” of their band, Ruthless. Their music is what Madeline [our heroine] calls “hard-driving cock-rock” of which she’s not a fan. Rane is beautiful and sexy and cocky. He knows he’s hot, but there’s more to him than this. This man reminds me of the old saying, “reformed rakes make the best husbands (not saying he’s a husband, but this guy is simply playing the field until “the one” comes along; he just doesn’t know it yet)!

And our girl, Madeline (or Maddie to her few friends), she’s a bit of a contradiction herself. She was a child-star who grew up feeling like she belongs to everyone but herself; her image, her decisions, her hair-style, everything! And one day, she kind of snapped. She went crazy and shaved off all of her hair and got herself fired from the television part that made her a star. The press has taken to calling her “Mad Maddie,” a title that is haunting her and not letting go. She’s lost most of her “friends” and is black-listed, broke, and pretty desperate to revive her career. The one person who has had her back and loved her unconditionally is her mom. And her mom is dating Rane’s dad.

When her mom’s boyfriend asks her if she would be interested in starring in the new Ruthless music video (their original actress got sick and they need a replacement, pronto), she feels work is work and readily agrees. She’s never met his sons but she knows an opportunity when he hits her alongside the head and asks when and where she needs to be.

When she arrives on set, she’s surprised to learn she’s got a love-scene with her mom’s boyfriend’s son, Rane! What a way to meet him – and he’s just as surprised as she is…

“What’s she wearing?” I asked, looking over my shoulder at Maddie. Dee rifled through the rack until she pulled out a beige colored silky thing. “For the bed scene,” she said. “Go lie down, they need to check the lighting.” The blood rushing to my cock left none for my brain. “Bed scene?” I repeated, feeling myself go slack-jawed…Without meaning to, I looked back across the room at Maddie, imagining her in that little slip of nothing. A bed scene. With my father’s girlfriend’s daughter. Who happened to be fucking gorgeous. And fucking crazy to boot…As if she could feel my gaze, her eyelids fluttered open. She said something to the makeup artist and leaned forward. And even from all the way across the room, I could see that her eyes were exactly the blue I’d hoped they’d be.

Despite this rocky start, I found myself intrigued with the characters and wanted to learn more. I loved the way that even though Rane had heard how “crazy” Maddie is, he’s very protective of her on the set. When she has a bit of a freak-out, he’s amazing as he talks her through it. When she’s standing around with a delay for the bed-scene, he demands someone find her a robe. Even though he’s cocky, I couldn’t help but really like him. And when they end up “in bed,” for their scene, sparks flew…

“You can calm down, I’m not going to bite you,” I told her. “No?” “Not unless you ask nicely.” She shot me a look that would have killed a lesser man. “No biting. I get it.” She exhaled heavily as Dee called out for quiet on the set. “Right. I’m just going to let the camera roll here, kiddies,” Warlox [the director] said. “Do what comes naturally.” Maddie laughed a little too loudly. I could feel the heat coming off her body in waves. “Okay, “she exhaled. “Let’s do this.” She turned and faced me. Looking down at her, that body below me. Fuck, I am a man after all. Seeing the way her eyes went soft, her lips parting, soft and sweet. . .all of a sudden, I didn’t need to act anymore. I wasn’t sure if I ever really was…I bent to kiss her…

Pretty unique way to meet a girl, a girl they both learn later that night that is about to become his step-sister. Awkward!

And despite wanting their step-sister/brother to be, and each of them trying to fight the feelings, their chemistry made this a challenge and created some absolutely delicious tension. They both knew it was now “taboo” to desire one another, but neither could deny that was exactly what they were each feeling!

I think the way this author set this up was perfect! Yes, this is a bit of a taboo relationship, but then, when they first met, this was not the case. Their parents were simply dating. And yet, despite that fact, the attraction between them was hot! And this poor couple, nothing came easy and nothing went right for them! I found myself really wanting them to blow off conventional “thoughts” about step-siblings and just find their way to each other. Yet, their path was far from smooth!

Each of these characters had a history that caused issues between them and in their own hearts. Then there were family issues that were bound to create a ripple in what they were both trying to fight – well, he didn’t fight all that hard when he decided she was someone he needed to know better and couldn’t stop thinking of. Being around her calmed him. Being around her excited him. Being around her made everything that was weird around them in this world feel worth blowing off conventional thoughts about step-siblings and made him just want to “go for it.”

I loved the push and pull of their attraction and trying to stay away from one another. I loved how he felt about her and made sure she knew it. I loved how he had her back. And then there was a twist. And the twist changed the direction of this entire story!

This book is really so very good! I was very glad to have the chance to read it and bring it to you, our blog’s readers! This book made me almost wish I had a sexy stepbrother to crush on, lol! But seriously, this book is rock and roll meets Hollywood, but that’s only the backdrop. This book is really about relationships and searching one’s heart to find what makes your life complete, even if it’s less than convenient.

I will absolutely read more from this author; I’m delighted to have found someone whose work I enjoyed so much! I would like to thank Vivian Lux for the opportunity to get to know Rane and Maddie! It was delightful!


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